"For a long time, I believes that violins grew on trees, like fruit.

As a child, I loved to chop wood, bathe in its fragrance, surmise the course of the grain. The plaintive sounds released from the log under the felling ax would echo a calling within me.

To this very day, my instruments are created within this same spirit of discovery and wonder."

Denis Cormier

The following musicians play on Denis Cormier's instrument, including:

"All of us in the viola section of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra have the pleasure of playing an instrument crafted by Denis Cormier. For us, a Cormier viola evokes ease of performance, a polished sound perfectly suited for the viola's range and rustic elegance."

Robert Verebes, André Roy, Sylvie Laville, Jean Fortin, Chantale Boivin