Denis Cormier has made over 260 violins, violas and cellos during the last twenty-five years. Their remarkable qualities have been recognized by musicians worldwide.

Internationally renowned soloist Pierre Amoyal, Kyung Wha-Chung, Chin Kim and Hui Jin play on Cormier-crafted instruments.

The concert masters of the New Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestre Métropolitain de Montréal and the Ithaca Chamber Orchestra (New York) perform on instruments made by Mr. Cormier, as do the first violin of the Manderling String Quartet (Germany) and the violists of the Montreal based Morency and Claudel String Quartets.

Three Cormiers are presently being played by members of the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne, seven members of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. In Korea, twenty-five violins and violas are being played in various ensembles.

" I enjoyed playing on your violin very much. It has good tone and is very well made.
My best wishes for your success."

Joseph Gingold,

Soloist and Professor, University of Bloomington, Indiana, USA